Grand Master Amato Front Kick

Karate is a Japanese martial art focused primarily on striking techniques.  The term “Karate” means “Empty Hands.”  It is the art of fighting with no weapon other than one’s own body.  Karate employs a wide range of techniques, including kicks, punches, blocks, elbow strikes and knee strikes.  The style of Karate taught at Amato's is Goju Ryu


We offer child and adult beginner and advanced karate classes.  All classes are taught by Grand Master Amato (10th Degree Black Belt) and his instructors.  Instructors at Amato's Karate and Weapons Academy have 20+ years experience in the martial arts and hold ranks ranging from 3rd to 9th Degree Black Belt.


Our curriculum features classes of varying levels of difficulty determined by belt rank.  Our goal is to allow a student the opportunity to grow by providing challenges coinciding with individual skill levels.  Karate classes include kihon (fundamentals), kumite (sparring), and kata (choreographed forms).  While we are a traditional karate school, we do not teach breaking.  As an expert and record holder in the art of breaking, Grand Master Amato has determined that using karate techniques to smash through boards, bricks and cinder blocks does more harm to a student's body than good. No student of Grand Master Amato will ever be asked to break anything.

Types of Karate Classes


Beginner Karate classes introduce basic techniques and strategies.  While class content between the child and adult programs varies, all beginner classes focus on the fundamentals.  Beginner classes utilize group technique drilling, heavy bag work and mat work to provide students with a solid martial arts foundation.  Beginner class ranks include white, yellow and orange belts.


Advanced Karate classes seek to build on the teachings of the beginner program.  These classes move at a faster pace, introducing higher level techniques, strategies and light conditioning to take a student to the next level.  While the content varies from child to adult classes, all advanced classes include kata and kumite.   Advanced ranks include blue, green, purple, brown and black belts.  


Kumite is a controlled sparring match between two opponents of similar size and skill level.  Light contact to the body is allowed, however head contact and attacking below the belt is not permitted.  Students participating in Kumite are required to wear sparring gear including:  headgear w/ face guard, mouth piece, chest protector, gloves, athletic cup, shin guards, and sparring boots.  Kumite is conducted in two ways:  tournament-style point sparring and free-flow combat simulation.


A Kata is a choreographed form designed to simulate a multiple attacker situation.  Students are taught traditional movement patterns and techniques coinciding with specific self-defense scenarios.  After learning a kata, students are taught the kata's accompanying Bunkai (the analysis of techniques within the kata for real-world application).  While most katas are designed for solo performance, some katas are meant to be performed by pairs.  We teach katas with varying degrees of difficulty, ranging from beginner to black belt level forms.  While kata is included in the advanced program, special kata-only classes are offered on Saturdays.