Japanese Sword Program

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Amato’s Karate and Weapons Academy is the only dojo in Monmouth County to offer a traditional Japanese Sword program.  Our sword program covers the samurai weapons system of mainland Japan including the Katana, Wakizashi, Bo, and Nagninata.  Our curriculum includes Kenjutsu, Iaodo, and Kendo.  Sword Class is held on Tuesday nights from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm.  All swords used at Amato’s are dull training blades.

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The Katana was the primary weapon of the Samurai.  It is a curved, single-edged sword designed for swift cutting.  It is light enough to be wielded with one hand, however most techniques require the use of two hands.  Beginner Katana students must first train with a bokken (a wooden training sword) before they are permitted to advance to a live blade sword.

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A Wakizashi is a shorter version of the Katana.  It was traditionally the first sword given to a young samurai.  A Wakizashi can be used by itself as a quick defensive weapon or be duel-wielded with a Katana.  Amato’s offers both types of training, however beginner students must first use a wooden version before moving on to a live blade.

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Samurai Bo

The Bo staff used in the sword program is the same weapon as the one used in the Okinawan Kobudo Weapons program, however it is wielded differently.  Bo training in this system is specifically geared towards fighting against an opponent who is wielding a sword so there is a significant variation between grips, blocks and strikes.

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The Naginata is an 8 foot-long pole weapon with a blade on one end and an iron bar on the other.  The naginata is slower than other weapons in the sword system but easily has the longest effective range of any non-projectile weapon.  Amato’s is the only dojo in New Jersey to offer Naginata training.    All Naginata used at our dojo are custom-made, hand-crafted wooden training weapons.

Sword Arts

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Kenjutsu is the umbrella term for Japanese swordsmanship.  It is the art of sword techniques in battle.  Kenjutsu students use a bokken (a wooden training sword) and a Katana (a live steel sword).  Iado and Kendo are both derived from Kenjutsu.

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Iaido  focuses primarily on the use of kata (technique-based choreographed forms).  Iaido katas utilize both the bokken and katana.  Iaido is the non-battle interpretation of Iaijutsu (the art of swiftly drawing the sword, striking to end the fight, and re-sheathing it again).

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Kendo is a modern Japanese sport derived from traditional swordsmanship.  Kendo employs the Shinai (a bamboo training sword) and armor for 1 on 1 matches.  Kendo matches are conducted in 2 ways:  traditional linear point sparring and free flow combat simulation.  Kendo is offered periodically.