Child Classes

Beginner Classes

Beginner Children’s Karate classes focus on fundamentals and basic techniques with an emphasis on discipline.  Beginner training includes technique drilling, heavy bag work, and mat work.  Most classes conclude with a fun activity ranging from an obstacle course to a game of “ninja ball.”

Advanced Classes

Advanced Karate classes introduce higher level techniques and light conditioning.  Students who attend advanced classes are expected to demonstrate discipline and proficiency in basic karate technique.  Advanced classes feature sparring in which students wear protective equipment including head gear with a face guard, mouth piece,  chest protector, athletic cup, gloves, shin guards and sparring boots.  Point matches and free-flow matches are conducted between students of similar size and skill level.  All contact is light and controlled.  There is no head contact or hitting below the belt.


All students of Amato’s Karate and Weapons Academy are taught that Karate is used only for self defense.  It is a last resort and must be used responsibly.  Before each Children’s Class students recite the Karate Creed:

Karate Creed

I come to you with only Karate, my empty hands

I have no weapons, but should I be forced to defend myself, my country or my principles

should it be a matter of life or death , of right or wrong

then here are my weapons, my empty hands