Adult Classes

Adult Class Drilling

Beginner Classes

The Adult Beginner Program provides a challenging, but not overly aggressive atmosphere.   Classes are designed to accommodate first time students and those returning to the martial arts after a long hiatus.  The curriculum is based on fundamentals and utilizes group technique drilling, heavy bag work, mat work, and kata (choreographed forms) to provide students with a solid martial arts foundation.  Beginner ranks include white, yellow and orange belts.

Adult Kumite

Advanced Classes

The Advanced Adult Program retains the calm atmosphere of the Beginner Program, while taking the training to the next level.  Advanced classes include training in takedowns, advanced kata, and kumite (sparring).  Students participating in Kumite are required to wear sparring gear including:  headgear w/ face guard, mouth piece, chest protector, gloves, athletic cup, shin guards, and sparring boots.  Kumite is conducted in two ways:  tournament-style point sparring and free-flow combat simulation.  Advanced ranks include blue, green, purple, brown and black belts.

All Parents of children enrolled at Amato’s Karate and Weapons Academy are permitted to train in the Adult Program at no charge.  The Adult Karate Program aims to provide students with a mature, challenging martial arts experience.  Adult classes will push students to their limits, while not jeopardizing a student's ability to make it to work or family events the next day.