Welcome to Amato's Karate & Weapons Academy 

Amato's Karate & Weapons Academy provides traditional instruction in Karate, Aikido, Kung Fu and Weapons for students of all ages. Our Dojo, located at the crossroads of Hazlet, Middletown, and Holmdel, has served the people of Monmouth County since 1972. We provide a safe, fun, and educational environment. Our curriculum is structured to build a foundation of discipline, respect, and confidence, while developing a student's skills in the martial arts.

Karate is an excellent after-school activity

Karate is recognized as an excellent developmental activity and is uniquely suited for physiological and psychological growth.  Traditional Karate training can develop skills that school and recreational sports programs may neglect including situational awareness, agility, dexterity and muscle memory.  We recommend starting early in life and accept students as young as 2 years old.  Unlike many other activities, students cannot “age out” of karate.  Many of our adult black belt instructors began their martial arts careers as child students of Grand Master Amato and continue to grow in the way of Karate.

You're never too old to start

While starting karate training at a young age is beneficial, it is never too late to become a martial artist.  Parents of children enrolled at our dojo are permitted to train for HALF PRICE.  Our adult program provides instruction in Karate, Kung Fu, Weapons, kata and sparring.  Our adult program instructors provide a challenging but not overly aggressive atmosphere.  Click here to learn more about our adult program.

Resume your martial arts career at Amato's

We accept beginner students as well as seasoned martial artists.  If you were forced to end your martial arts career prematurely because you moved or life got too busy, you can pick up where you left off at Amato’s.  In many cases, students returning to the martial arts are allowed to retain the rank they wore at their previous dojo.

Free Trial Class

We invite anyone interested in training at our dojo to take a free trial class.  You can call ahead to schedule your free class or just stop by the dojo during normal business hours.  We recommend wearing clothing that you feel comfortable moving in. Click here to learn more.

No Contracts

Unlike other martial arts schools Amato's Karate and Weapons Academy does not require students to sign a contract. We never have and we never will.

Township Recreation Program

If you are a resident of Hazlet, Middletown, Keansburg, or Union Beach, NJ, your child is eligible for our 6-week Township Recreation Program. Please call to inquire about your town's special discounted rate. Click here to learn more.

Request a Demo Team Performance

The Amato's Karate and Weapons Academy Demo Team is available upon request for township events and charitable causes. The team is comprised of child and adult black belts, specializing in Karate kata, Weapons, and Aikido. Performances are choreographed to music and last approximately 30 minutes. Call to request a free Demo Team performance. Click here to learn more.

Request a free group class for your Boy Scout or Girl Scout Troop

If your Boy Scout or Girl Scout Troop needs a martial arts experience to earn a specific merit badge, we can provide them with that experience free of charge.  Call 732-671-9555 to inquire about setting up a special one-time class.